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Meisner Gallery fine art publishers enter the giftware market with the Heirloom Collection by sculptor Alice Riordan.

Collection previewed at Art Expo NY 2003 has become the fastest growing new program by Meisner.

New York, May 2003 Meisner releases new line of high-end giftware sculptures by Alice Riordan.

Meisner Gallery known for high-end sculpture and paintings has been serving the fine art world for 40 years. Working with Alice Riordan one of the most successful sculptors of our time, they have created a new line of sculpture titled the "Heirloom Collection" with retails from $150 to $300.

"It was time for us to enter the collectable giftware market. With our in house casting capabilities (Meisner Acrylic Casting) we are able to produce sculpture of exceptional quality at a great price. In bronze Riordan's sculptures sell for thousands of dollars each, in limited editions in MACSTONE™, we can sell these elegant pieces with the look of fine art bronze for $150 to $300.

We believe that the time is right to sell this family oriented line to the collectible market. There is no reason to sacrifice quality for price. This collection has both" Mitchell Meisner

Shipping has begun on the first eight sculptures in the collection. Each patina is hand-applied giving the sculpture the look of a fine art bronze sculpture and is signed by the artist. Meisner is offering complete retail support from training to point of purchase materials for this new collection. By handling this line as they do their fine art, Meisner is offering the giftware market a new approach to selling sculpture.

Sculptor Alice Riordan resides on Long Island in New York and has been sculpting and teaching sculpture courses for decades. Her sculpture is in prominent collections and galleries worldwide.

" With so much chaos and pain in our world" Riordan says, " I want my work to pull the viewer into a spiritual beauty that, I believe is possible for everyone to possess." Riordan desires to add something beautiful to our lives, not to make a social statement. Her faces and figures are tender and moving with a reflective quality that acknowledges the beauty of their souls.

For more information on the Heirloom Collection or the other offerings from the Meisner Gallery contact them at 800-8535-ART or e-mail us at

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